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Straightforward does weed make you dumb Advice – Insights

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For years researchers have been creating studies about the effects of continual weed use on our brains. Many say the drug is harmful in one way or another chronic use, after long term: other say it is even helpful or inert. So typically the question with does weed make you stupid is out of question. Yet another study printed in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and came out, financed by the National Institute for Drug Abuse.

A 2012 study in the Duke University has led us to believe that smoking bud can be hazardous to the brains of young people. That is especially common during adolescent development, i.e., during the teenage years and into early maturity, with the study concluding that cannabis use leads to:

does weed make you dumb

The study failed to consider does weed make you dumb which have since been shown to have a larger impact on both weed use, other environmental factors, and a decline in the brains of young folks.

We all know that smoking cannabis is safer and better for you than having a drink, and it appears that could be true in young folks as well. So the question of does weed make you stupid should be ignored. There have now been two new studies released which have come to different decision. The first found that adolescent marijuana use isn’t linked with educational performance or IQ once the aforementioned environmental factors have been taken into consideration and used a sample group 2235 British adolescents.

But the burning question is hurts mental performance in the long run or whether does bud make you stupid. Brain scan studies in humans suggest that marijuana may be linked to anatomical brain changes, such as decreasing of amygdale, a brain area that processes wages, emotion and panic. Researchers have to follow people over time, ideally collecting info about their cognition and intelligence before they began using cannabis, to actually tease out the effect of weed alone.

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